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Parts used -wood
The wood is bitter, sedative, cooling and a cardiac tonic. Sandalwood is useful in arresting secretion or bleeding and in promoting the flow of urine. Moreover, Sandalwood oil is a stimulent and an antiseptic. It has an soothing effect on the skin and mucous menbranes. The oil is used in aromaherapy to lessen tension and anxiety
In various skin disorders like scabies, eczema. Erysipelas etc, the external application is useful. Candana is one of the best deodorants and also improves the skin complexion. It also relieves the itching, burning and redness of the skin.. In acne vulgaris, it is effective as soothing and cooling. The wounds are dressed with candana paste by itself. In intense burning on the skin, the combination of candana and camphor (karpura) and khus (usira) works well as an external application. Candana oil by itself or with lemon juice is applied in scabies with great benefit

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