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Latin name : Andrographis paniculata

Local Name : Kalmegh, Creat, Green chireyta, Bhunimba, King of Bitter
Parts Used : Mostly the leaves
Distribution : Andrographis paniculata is chiefly found in the plains throughout South India. It mostly grows in moist, shady places.

Introduction : Andrographis paniculata is an erect annual herb and extremely bitter in taste. It has glabrous leaves and white flowers with rose-purple spots on the petals.

Andrographis paniculata is a promising new herb for the treatment of many diseases including HIV-AIDS and the myriad of symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders. It has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in India and China. In the west it is sometimes referred to as Indian Echinacea.
Active Ingredients in Andrographis paniculata : Andrographis paniculata contains bitter principles andrographolide, a bicyclic diterpenoid lactone and Kalmeghin.
Action & Uses of Kalmegh :
Kalmegh is a blood purifier, so used to cure torbid liver, jaundice, dermatological diseases, dyspepsia, febrifuge and anthelmintic.
Kalmegh acts to dispel heat and remove toxins.
Kalmegh acts as antibacterial. It appears to have beneficial effect in reducing diarrhoea and symptoms arising from bacterial infections.
Kalmegh is used in case of diseases like flu, sinusites, upper respiratory tract infection, cough and bronchitis.
Kalmegh plant acts as anti-typhoid against Salmonella typhae and antifungal against Helminthosporium sativum.
Organic Kalmegh has a great reputation in the Tribal folklore, as one of the best remedies for Malaria even better than Quinine.
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