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Senna marilandica, Wild Senna or Maryland Senna was formerly called Cassia marilandica. Maryland Senna has large, alternate compound leaves and 1 inch yellow flowers in branched clusters at the top of the stems. The flattened 4 inch black fruit pods are attractive adding needed interest in the fall and winter. Senna maraland Senna plants provide a good textural accent in a large informal prairie garden or native wild flower meadow when planted with Purple coneflower, Prairie Blazing Star, wild Bergamot, and other prairie wildflowers. Senna leaves have been used medicinally as a cathartic and are a host plant to the Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly.

Native Senna marilandica wild flowers occur naturally in moist open areas along prairie streams, bottom land woods along streams, edges of woods, fields and on roadsides from Pennsylvania to Iowa and Kansas, south to Florida and Texas. Fabaceae (Bean Family)
This herb is from the Pea family. The Senna plant originated in West Asia and China. This herb is used commonly as a laxative. made from the leave and pods of the Senna plant. This herb contains chrysophanol, aloe-emodin, rhein, other glucosides and glycosides. Both European and American extracts are approved as over-the-counter stimulant laxatives. The German government has approved the use of Senna for all purposes where a soft stool is desired. There are not known to be any side effects from the use of Senna, other than those normally found with any laxative.

Use Senna when laxative action is needed for the bowels. Senna Tea should be drunk cold, to reduce the amount of stomach griping, constipation or cramping. A good Tea formula would be 1/10th ounce ginger, Anise or Fennel with 1 ounce of Senna. Steep for 25 minutes and drink cold. It does not seem to mix well with Peruvian Bark, Limes and Mineral Acids. It also helps expel parasites and worms. This herb should not be used during pregnancy or by nursing mothers.

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